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lightweight responsive css frameworkWhat's new in version 2

lightweight responsive css framework

New custom forms

The greatest modification touched Custom forms section. Forms were completely re-made and significantly simplified without losing their charm. Thanks to simplification of Custom forms the size of responsee.js file was reduced from 12.4 kb to amazing 3.14 kb and the size of components.css file was reduced from 16,5 kb to 9,62 kb! After several modifications in optimization the size of responsee.css file was reduced from 11.9 kb to 10 kb either.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Align content to left

Option of website alignment to the left edge of screen was added up as a response to growing trend in web design. It is no magic. It is sufficient to add class “align-content-left” to “body” element.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Five columns layout

Another gadget is addition of “.s-five” and “.l-five” classes as supplementation to “.s-1” up to “.s-12” and “.l-1” up to “.l-12” classes. Thanks to those new classes website can have five-column layout (website content can be divided into five equally wide columns).
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lightweight responsive css framework

Icon chevron to navigation

We added option – should menu item has other submenus, it can be marked either with preset figure expression of number of items in submenu, or it can be marked with arrow by simple adding-in “.chevron” class to “ul” element.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Better top nav on mobile devices

We modified navigation in mobile devices. Active navigation does not overlap content of website anymore, rather shifts it downwards. We added also animation of hovering. Fixed navigation, which was not working with jquery ui 1.11.0 or higher. Thanks to Bert Brüggemann for drawing attention to this problem. We cancelled absolute position in “.top-nav > ul” element on mobile devices (the absolute position caused problems on some browsers). We cancelled indenting from right and left in “.top-nav > ul” element on mobile devices. We extended text and icon Top nav on mobile devices.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Some small changes of the css

We changed the class ".hide-m" to ".hide-l". The original title of class was a mistake. :) From responsee.css file we erased illustrative classes “.box-dark” and we changed parameters of “.box” class to “display:block;”.
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lightweight responsive css framework

New amazing template!

We created a new free responsive template that utilizes “.align-content-left” class, new Custom forms and “.l-five” class. Also, we have updated all other templates.
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lightweight responsive css framework

At the end

We corrected also several tiny bugs in the code.

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Minimum of code, great potential! Provided you look for something smaller, something lighter, something helping you to introduce project within a shorter time, Responsee is for you the right choice.


Our target was creation of intuitive responsive CSS framework which even beginning web designer will cope with thanks to well-arranged structure. Result is worthwhile.


When developing Responsee we put accent on maximal applicability for web designers. The framework will help you developing responsive websites faster than ever before. You need not wasting time with anything Responsee will make instead of you.

Download PSD Templates

In order to be able to develop your responsive website more easily already from graphic design, download PSD Template with default 12 column grid.

Mobile first

Begin building your website from version aimed for mobile devices, and use only basic elements and configuration. Only after that begin building version for large displays with all elements and advanced configuration.

Fully responsive components

Since we care about maximal usability of CSS framework, all components are fully responsive. Responsee uses responsive carousel, responsive custom forms, responsive tables, and responsive navigation.

Built on Responsee

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