lightweight responsive css frameworkWhat's New in Version 3

lightweight responsive css framework

New size „medium“ for correct display on tablets

The most important change affected Grid section. For correct display of website on smaller devices such as e.g. tablet we added medium size (classes „m-1 up to m-12“). Thanks to this new size you can display content on desktop in 4 columns, on tablet in 2 columns, and on mobile phone in full width of screen.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Offset of columns

Another supplementation of the framework is addition of option enabling offset of column from the left side. Thanks to it you can distribute content to columns in such way the first column is offset from the left side by width of one column. In three-column layout you can also align one column to the left, the other to the right and leave free space with identical width of both columns between them. The offset you can adjust especially for all three sizes of grid (s, m, l).
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lightweight responsive css framework

Responsive Tabs

Wonderful innovation is Responsive Tabs, thanks to which you easily distribute the content to particular sections without necessity of switching among sub-websites. Responsive Tabs have well-arranged structure and their activation is very intuitive and simple.
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lightweight responsive css framework


We modified CSS rules for images so that they automatically adapted to width of container in which they are located only in so far their width did nor exceed their real width. At the same time we added a new class „full-img“, by means of which a image adapts to full width of container in which it is located regardless of real width of the picture. A image with this class will behave equally as it was in previous versions of Responsee 1 and 2.
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lightweight responsive css framework

New template

Completely new template named One Page comes together with new edition of Responsee. As the name itself suggests, it is single page website. You can look forward to excellent design with implemented innovation of Responsive Tabs, and as usually, fully free of charge! We also upgraded all the other templates for Responsee 3.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Automatic closing of submenu

Navigation was improved either. We added automatic closing of submenu in case a user clicks on another item of the same level. The modification applies to side navigation and mobile version of main navigation (horizontal navigation).
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Minimum of code, great potential! Provided you look for something smaller, something lighter, something helping you to introduce project within a shorter time, Responsee is for you the right choice.


Our target was creation of intuitive responsive CSS framework which even beginning web designer will cope with thanks to well-arranged structure. Result is worthwhile.


When developing Responsee we put accent on maximal applicability for web designers. The framework will help you developing responsive websites faster than ever before. You need not wasting time with anything Responsee will make instead of you.

Download PSD Templates

In order to be able to develop your responsive website more easily already from graphic design, download PSD Template with default 12 column grid.

Mobile first

Begin building your website from version aimed for mobile devices, and use only basic elements and configuration. Only after that begin building version for large displays with all elements and advanced configuration.

Fully responsive components

Since we care about maximal usability of CSS framework, all components are fully responsive. Responsee uses responsive carousel, responsive tabs, responsive custom forms, responsive tables, and responsive navigation.

Responsee is still developing

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