lightweight responsive css frameworkWhat's New in Version 4

lightweight responsive css framework

Responsive sidebar navigation

We added option to switch on responsive sidebar navigation. You will manage it with addition of “minimize-on-small” class to “.aside-nav” element and adding a new “<p class="aside-nav-text">Sidebar navigation</p>” element. Thanks to it items of the sidebar navigation will be hiding on smaller mobile devices. The sidebar navigation will then behave as well as the main navigation.
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lightweight responsive css framework

New margin2x size

We added option to set larger gap between particular columns. In case you want to use this setting, substitute “margin” class with new “margin2x” class. Thus you will set gap between columns for 2.5rem (when using standard “margin” class, the gap between columns will be only 1.25rem). Respective classes can be combined optionally.
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lightweight responsive css framework

New maximum width size 1280px

We added new size of maximum width - 1280px (80rem). Thanks to this setting your content will have more space. This setting is ideal for websites with two sidebar panels, blogs on online shops.
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lightweight responsive css framework

New fancy Icon Set

We added the second icon set - Simple Line Icons. The first icon set MFG Labs, however, remained sustained. Simple Line Icons offers set of 182 stylish icons formed from thin lines. Both sets can be optionally combined on a website. Total amount of icons you will find in Responsee is considerable 361 ones now.
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lightweight responsive css framework

Amazing Tooltips

We added Tooltips! Thanks to Tooltips you can display auxiliary jumping content which will be displayed after mouse passes over particular text. Tooltips may contain ordinary text, picture, button, and its content can be divided into columns.
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lightweight responsive css framework


We added styles for more complex typography. It contains titles, paragraphs, lists, blockquote, and many other elements. An interesting option is word wrap (text alignment) to the middle or to the right by simple adding of “text-center” class or “text-right” class.
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lightweight responsive css framework

We are rem now

We changed primary units from “em” to “rem” (“rem” unites are relative to the root/body font-size). Thereby we finished support of older IE browsers.

lightweight responsive css framework


We made several optimizations in code, we transferred responsee.js file into footer (for faster loading of a website), and we removed downloading of files needed for older IE browsers.

lightweight responsive css framework

Unfortunately, still older version of OWL Carousel

We tried to make update of OWL Carousel for version 2, however, we encountered several serious problems, which would delay appearance of a new Responsee version. Nevertheless we will proceed in work on incorporation of a new better OWL Carousel 2 version into our framework.
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lightweight responsive css framework


Completely new template named Eleganter comes together with new edition of Responsee. As the name itself suggests, it is most elegant template. You can look forward to excellent design with as usually, fully free of charge! We also upgraded all the other templates for Responsee 4.
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Eleganter Premium – Responsive Business Template


Looks Great on Every Device

Many Variants of Page Templates


Blog Template


Tons of Reusable Elements


Animated Scroll Loading Effects


Skill Bars Animation


Animated Typing


Count To Animation


Responsive Pricing Tables
with Count To Animation


Responsive Image / Video Lightbox


Functional Ajax Contact Form


and many more…